Tips for Travel

A few travel tips to keep in mind before you travel, when you arrive, and while you are on the road.

Packing Checklist:

-Passport with blank pages

-Paper photocopies of your passport (one for home and one to bring with you)

-Visa information printed 

-Flight information printed

-Reusable Water Bottle 

-Scarf and Blazer to cover up in modest settings 

-Headphones, neck pillow, earplugs, eye mask, headache relief medication for a comfortable flight

-Chargers for computer, phone, or other personal devices

-Personal travel towel and yoga mat 

- Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

- Portable and collapsible water kettle

- Snacks for traveling 

- Small locks for your book bag and luggage 

Before You Leave:

-Book your flights to arrive at a time that is appropriate for you. If you are a female solo traveler, you might not want to arrive to your destination late at night. 

Travel notices on all credit cards and debit cards with your bank

-Register with the Government that you are traveling abroad 

-Make sure you have all your cash, credit cards, keys, and medications in your carry on only 

-Bring your drivers license as well as passport, emergency credit card, and photo copies of all

-Let your families and friends know your itinerary. Make sure they have it in their email 

-Download podcasts and Netflix episodes for long flights 

-Check with airlines two weeks prior for international trips on international airlines to make sure your flight has not changed 

-Do some research about where you are going so you can pack accordingly for cultural experiences, especially when traveling to predominately Muslim countries or places where you will be visiting a lot of historical sites 

When You Arrive:

 -Let your family know you are safe as soon as possible 

-Either use an ATM in the airport to get cash, or exchange a small amount of cash until you can get to an exchange house which will give you a much better exchange rate 

-Make sure that every time you leave your hotel or guesthouse, you lock your passport and extra cash either in your own bag or in a safe. Do not leave money out.

-Count what cash you have every night and write it down. This is a good habit to make sure you are keeping within a budget, and also will alert you if money has been stolen from you on a daily basis so you might be able to correct the issue. 

-Don’t leave your hotel or guesthouse without the address written down on paper! This is so valuable when trying to let a cab driver know where you are going when you don’t speak the language. 

-Be careful about what you eat. Vegetables can be washed in water that is not purified and can make you very sick. Make sure all food is cooked well. 

-Drink plenty of purified clean water.

-Bring a scarf or jacket with you on all excursions even if it is hot outside. You might need to cover your shoulders, arms, neck or head when entering certain historical sites, temples, churches, or mosques.