Shelley Briggs Callahan is an author, humanitarian aid program coordinator, and communications and marketing specialist.

Over the last fourteen years, Shelley has traveled around the world working to promote human welfare and provide aid to impoverished communities. From digging wells in Colombia, managing volunteer teams in Haiti, and providing educational and basic needs support to kids in Kenya and Ethiopia, Callahan has steadfastly committed herself to supporting the underprivileged.  She is currently the Director of Development with Children Incorporated, an international charitable organization that assists children living in poverty so they can get an education.

“In 2006, while I was in graduate school earning my Masters in Social Work, I started a non-profit organization with my friend Ward called Books on Wheels. Ward and I drove around the U.S. in a brightly painted school bus giving away books and repairing bicycles for free. It was an wild experience that taught me early on about socially responsible and how to give marginalized populations a voice so their stories can be heard. During the same time, I started to volunteer with a medical clinic in Haiti (which my book The House of Lifeis based on) and I found that I had a great interest in global philanthropic work. I made a conscious decision to look for a job where I was able to help the less fortunate in my own community and those in underdeveloped and developing countries, and that is exactly what I have gotten to do with Children Incorporated.”