Shelley Callahan is a writer, traveler, communications and marketing specialist, non-profit consultant, and humanitarian aid program coordinator.

Over the last fourteen years, Shelley has traveled around the world working to promote human welfare and provide aid to impoverished communities. From digging wells in Colombia, managing volunteer teams in Haiti, and providing basic needs and educational support to kids in Kenya and Ethiopia, Callahan has steadfastly committed herself to supporting the underprivileged. She is currently the Director of Development with the non-profit organization Children Incorporated, an international charity that assists children living in poverty so they can get an education.

Shelley started her work in 2006 while in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University earning her Masters in Social Work when she started a non-profit organization called Books on Wheels. Books on Wheels provided free books and bicycle repair to for free to children and adults living in impoverished neighborhoods in the U.S. Starting in 2011, Shelley began volunteering with Friends of the Children of Haiti and Wine to Water, two organizations that have enriched her life greatly and given her a chance to help marginalized populations globally. Since 2014, Shelley worked with Children Incorporated during which she has written hundreds of blogs for the organization’s On the Road Series and visited dozens of affiliated projects to take photos and videos, as well as report on the burden of poverty on children around the world.

In 2016, Shelley published her first book, The House of Life.

You can read more about Shelley’s work here and read her travel blog here.