The House of Life: One Couple's Journey to Bring Health Care and Hope to Haiti - By Shelley Briggs Callahan

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“It was 1974. The Hammonds had just seen Haiti for the first time. They knew instantly that they never wanted to go back.”

Dick and Barb Hammond never thought their lives would lead them to work in Haiti for over thirty years, especially after what they saw the first time they arrived in the country. But, despite the many challenges of working in a place where change is slow, this truly special couple overcame great obstacles in the pursuit of bringing health care—and hope—to the Haitian people. The House of Life is not only the story of how the Hammonds came to build a clinic in Haiti, but the story of the beauty and resilience of a country and its people, the power of persistence, and the uniqueness of one couple’s decision to take on such a large project later in life. 

Shelley Briggs Callahan's The House of Life tells the remarkable story of how Dick and Barb Hammond, founders of the non-profit organization Friends of the Children of Haiti, changed the lives of thousands of people, not only in Haiti, but at home.